Hi all,

Can anyone give me the crash details of this 429 Sqn a/c please? I have all the crew info. I am just looking for details on the cause of the crash which was somewhere near Stendal, Germany. Alison & Hayward just have it as "shot down" and the Stendal location is an assumption based on a report of the funerals for the crew, which were held on 25 Feb.

There is also an interesting story behind this aircraft's name 'J'-Judy Garland. It was apparently originally from 427 Sqn. On May 24, 1943, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer adopted the Squadron and allowed the names of such stars as Lana Turner, Greer Garson, Joan Crawford, Heddy Lamarr, and others to be displayed on the aircraft.


Anyone know why the aircraft would have been transferred to 429 sqn and was it normal for an a/c to retain its call letter and name when switching units?