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Thread: Baltimore AG805 60 Sqn lost 09/01/1943 SAAF?

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    Default Baltimore AG805 60 Sqn lost 09/01/1943 SAAF?

    I was wondering if somebody might be able to help me.

    A while back I mentioned that I hade some photos of crashed Baltimore AG805 and stated the following:
    "I have three photos of a crashed Baltimore of 162 Squadron, and I think one
    of the crew (W/AG) was called Edward Dickinson (he was later a F/Lt).
    I have blown one of the photos up and the serial can be seen identifying the
    aircraft as AG805. I have looked in the Air Britain book for aircraft AA100 - AZ999
    however all it states is that the aircraft served with 1437 Flight, 203 Squadron,
    60 Squadron SAAF, and 162 Squadron.
    I was wondering if anybody had any idea when the aircraft crashed, or knew anymore
    about the aircraft or Edward Dickinson.
    PS the aircraft has the squadron letter "Y""

    I now have the movement and loss cards for the aircraft and know the aircraft was shipped direct from the USA to the Middle East on the SS Empire Halved (this might be an error as I cannot find an Empire Halved), and was issued to 60 Squadron.

    The loss card states the aircraft crashed on the 9th January 1943, and was flown by Lt J R Leal, No. 48049, who seems to have been quite an experienced pilot with 940 hours flying time, 40 of which were on the type. It is listed as being an operational survey flight, and that the aircraft force landed (wheels up) due to a defective fuel pump 5 miles souht of Lybia.

    Now, this is where I am a little stuck. What happened to the aircraft after the crash? The AirBritain book covereing serials AA100 - AZ999 states the aircraft served with 1437 Flight, 203 Squadron, 60 Squadron SAAF, and 162 Squadron, however the Form AM78 only mentions service with 60 Squadron SAAF and the crash in January 1943. Could there be an error with the data in the aircraft serials book? If not, why are the following movements of the aircraft not listed?

    The Form AL78 seems to state Cat 3 911 FA for the damage, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what this means. I thought Cat 3 was supposed to mean the aircraft could be repaired but I am not 100% sure. From the photographs it doesn't appear to be very bedly damaged.

    Finally, I was wondering if anybody had the ORB for 60 Squadron covering these dates to see if my chap (Dickinson) was part of the crew on this flight, or if he had come by the photographs in some other way. It would also be good to confirm the full crew listing for the aircraft.

    Any help with this crash, or indeed any further information about Dickinson, Leal, or 60 Squadron would be great.


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    Hi Johnnie

    I'm afraid I can only add a bit more confusion to your quest. Brent's 85 Years of the SAAF has no listing for AG805. The Baltimore listings go AG767, AG804, AG830, and then onwards.

    There is no crash listed for the 9th. But Leal is listed for a crash on the 27th Jan in AG804:

    engine cut, crash landed 60 miles south of Misurata, dbf

    Lt G T van Rooyen (safe)
    Lt G M Hetherington (killed)
    Capt J Leal RAF (safe)
    F/Sgt Dalquist (safe)
    F/Sgt Perry (safe)


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