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    Default John Jacques Gabriel De Visscher

    The above served with the RAFVR under the name of 1162262 Sgt. John Jacques Gabriel Hall. He served as W.Op/AG with 104 and 158 Squadrons.

    He was a Dutch National from s'Gravenhage and was lost on 14/4/42 on Ops to Krefeld.

    Does anybody have any further information on this man other than what is contained in BCL and CWGC. I am particularly interested in his background (date of birth etc) but would be interested to know how he came to be in the UK and where he trained. He appears to have enlisted at Cardington

    Many thanks


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    Default J.J.G. de Visscher

    Wellington Z8490 crashed homebound on land of Mr Wibbelt (Im Unterbruch) near Schiefbahn, SSE of Willich and the crew initially buried at Schiefbahn (Ehrenfriedhof), exhumed and reinterred 12-11-1947.
    He was a son of Jean Jacques Gabriel and Maria Adriana Elisabeth de Visscher from The Hague. Can't find his name on the Dutch Wargraves website (, but probably Mr. Edwin van Loo, member of the SGLO (Dutch Studygroup Air War 1939-1945) might be of any help (pe.v.looATmindefDOTnl - replace AT and DOT by the obvious).
    Mr van Loo is working at the Dutch Historal Branch of the Dutch MoD.

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    Thanks Henk

    I'll contact Edwin as you suggest

    I believe he was buried under his 'English' name but interestingly Bill Chorley in Vol 9 (Roll of Honour) has his entry using his Dutch name.

    As there is a proposal to erect a 'Roll of Honour' at Lissett to all who died with 158 Sqn (even though this loss was actually a Driffield loss) I would like to ensure there is no confusion

    The original burial place was also unknown to me so thanks extra for that

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