Hello Everyone,
'Jack' Doll flew with 43,258,610,131,91 sqns between 1940-1944.
As a Flt CO on 91 sqn at West Malling on 26-4-44 was scrambled in Spitfire XIV to intercept 2 high flying Fw190 at 40,000 ft. He attacked them at 44,5000 ft but was wounded and blacked out. He came to at 7,000 ft and made a crash landing and was taken to hospital.
He did not fly operationally again and was released unfit for service on 27-10-45.
Could anyone please tell me which flight he led on 91 sqn. Was the Spitfire XIV, RB180 and what time did this interception occurr and where did it crashland.
He later recovered to work in television as a cameraman and later as a producer.
Regards and thanks,