On 08/02/1945 Halifax MKIII LW-142 from N 102Sqn code DY-N fromRAF Pocklington came down near Hamme-Mille in Belgium during a mission to Goch.The entire seems to have died in the British 101 Field Hospital in Heverlee Belgium. Does this means that the aircraft crashlanded ?

F/O Smallwoods Ronald W pilot 170228 (KIA)
Sgt Gallagher John engineer 1592676 (KIA) 39 jaar
F/O Russell Wilfred W navigator 162051 (KIA) 24 jaar
F/O James Bernard R bombaimer 154377 (KIA) 22 jaar
Sgt Hewitt Peter D w/op 1864292 (KIA) 20 jaar
Sgt Lennon James M gunner 1826768 (KIA) 20 jaar
Sgt Scott Walter B gunner 1050587 (KIA) 24 jaar
Heverlee war cemetery Died in the 101 Field Hospital at Heverlee