Hi all,

Today I went to see a flyby of the BBMF Lancaster near the crashsite of Lancaster III ND873/PH-H in Asten, the Netherlands.

Here's a bit of info I found about the crash (pardon my translation from Dutch to English:

'In the night of April 26/27th 1944 12 squadron Lancaster III ND873/PH-H departed RAF Wickenby for a bombraid against Essen in the German Ruhr area. The raid consisted of 500 aircraft, 342 of which were Lancasters.

Having succesfully dropped its bombs ND873 was shot down by a German Messerschmitt on the way back, crashing in the Aa stream near Asten. All 7 crewmembers perished in the crash and are buried at the British cemetary 'Jonkerbos' near Nijmegen. On board were:

- Sergeant Alexander SHIELS, mid-upper-gunner, 21 years old; from Auchinloch (Lanarkshire)
- Officier Lawrence SMITH, bomb aimer/nosegunner, 21 years old; from Westmeath (Ontario,Canada)
- Sergeant Alexander McJANNETT, wireless operator, 21 years old; from Wigston Magna (Leicestershire)
- Officier Alfred McKAY, navigator, 21 years old; from Knockando (Morayshire)
- Sergeant Roy LAYBOURNE, flight engineer, 21 years old; from Worsley (Lancashire)
- Sergeant Harold DYERSON, tailgunner, 32 years old; from Plaistow (Essex) .
- Officier George NICHOLLS, pilot, 32 years old; from Heamoor, Penzance (Cornwall)'

I was wondering if anyone happens to have any pics of ND873 before its fatal mission?

Many thanks in advance,