I am trying to put together the list of fighter squadrons involved in Ramrod 259/Part I in the afternoon on 3 October 1943 (bombing of Beauvais-Tille airfield at 5.25 p.m.)
I have:
close escort - 66 and 453 on Spitfire Vs, 403 and 421 on LF.IXs
escort cover - 41 and 91 on Mk XIIs
high cover - 129 and 222 on F.IXs
top cover - 331 and 332 on F.IXs
1st forward sweep - 302 and 303 on F.IXs

Was there no 2nd forward sweep or withdrawal cover?

Also, in Northolt Wing papers there is a list of participants which gives the following:
close escort - 5 squadrons of Spitfire Vs
escort cover - 2 sqns of Spitfire XIIs
high cover - 2 sqns of Spitfire F.IXs (Hornchurch Wing)
top cover - 2 sqns of Spitfire F.IXs (North Weald Wing)
1st forward sweep - Northolt Wing

This seems to match except for the "5 squadrons of Spitfire Vs" piece. It seems they were not all on Mk Vs, but was there a fifth squadron in the close escort?