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Thread: Airmens squadrons prior to going to an OTU

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    Default Airmens squadrons prior to going to an OTU

    Without going thru the MOD or contacting relatives is there anyway of finding out which squadron an airmen was with prior to going to an OTU.

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    Default Prior to OTU?

    Prior to going to an OTU an airmen, depending on his "trade" would have been at some sort of training establishment, unless you're thinking of a crewman who, in Bomber Command for instance, had been screened having completed a tour of ops. and therefore going to an OTU as an instructor. If you're interested in a particular individual man, it's worth putting his name on this forum; it's possible somebody may have an answer.
    The short answer to your question is there is no easy way of finding out where he would have been.
    Max Williams

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    Try the ORBs of the OTUs at NA Kew. (AIR 29 Series). Sometimes they mention a previous unit in their postings in. You may get lucky.

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