In researching a family member's service history, I've copied the relevant pages for the 460 Sqdn (RAAF) ORB during the May-Dec 1943 period.

In the form 541 (details of work) his crew is listed, by aircraft number, time up/down, bomb load, and the Int Officer's summary of the debrief (target, bombing height/direction/time, comments, pilot assessment).

For the bomb load, there are a number of acronyms and abbreviations I have no knowledge about. Some quick searching has turned up almost nothing that I can use to decipher them.

Examples of the types I am talking about include:

GPLD - General Purpose Low Drag?
INC - incendiaries?
MCTD (often with 0.025) - some sort of contact fuze type, 0.025 thousandths/second?
MCLD (often with hours figure after) - delayed action fuze of some type, eg 36 hours?
"X" filled INC - some special incendiary?

Any old bomb aimers out there?

I couldn't find any websites with Google that might help me.