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Thread: "Special" designation of EATS-trained Navigators

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    Default "Special" designation of EATS-trained Navigators

    The question as to why a "Special" designation was assigned to the trade description of some EATS-trained navigators has been posted earlier, can not find the thread. Perhaps this extract from papers at NA Australia describing training of navs in Canada will provide a clue.

    “The shortage of aircraft and instructors was creating difficulties in flying training during July, 1941, and although the establishment at service flying training schools was fixed at an eight flight basis, some schools could arrange only six flights, and still others were down to four. A six-flight basis was found to operate very successfully, and instructions were issued to the various commands that this would be the future policy at service flying training schools.

    As a result of successful experiments in the conduct of special navigation flights, operating with specially selected aircraft, commands were also instructed to establish one or more such flights within their respective areas. “
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