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Thread: Wellington prefix letters

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    Default Wellington prefix letters

    Hi All,

    Could anyone give me the prefix letter for Wellingtons:


    If indeed these are Wellington serials.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Russ,

    These are all valid Wellington serial ranges:

    Model Start End
    Wellington AD589 AD653
    Wellington BB455 BB656
    Wellington III BJ581 BJ991
    Wellington III BK123 BK564
    Wellington III DF542 DF743
    Wellington VI DR471 DR528
    Wellington Ic DV411 DV953
    Wellington ES980 ES995
    Wellington Ic HD942 HE146
    Wellington X HE147 HE995
    Wellington III HF112 HF112
    Wellington XII HF113 HF120
    Wellington XIV HF121 HF451
    Wellington X HF452 HF606
    Wellington III HF609 HF613
    Wellington X HF614 HF614
    Wellington III HF615 HF621
    Wellington X HF622 HF622
    Wellington III HF623 HF625
    Wellington X HF626 HF626
    Wellington III HF627 HF629
    Wellington X HF630 HF630
    Wellington III HF631 HF637
    Wellington X HF638 HF638
    Wellington III HF639 HF641
    Wellington X HF642 HF642
    Wellington III HF643 HF645
    Wellington X HF646 HF646
    Wellington III HF647 HF649
    Wellington X HF650 HF650
    Wellington III HF666 HF668
    Wellington X HF669 HF669
    Wellington III HF670 HF730
    Wellington III HF718 HF722
    Wellington X HF723 HF723
    Wellington III HF724 HF725
    Wellington X HF726 HF726
    Wellington III HF727 HF728
    Wellington X HF729 HF729
    Wellington III HF730 HF731
    Wellington X HF732 HF732
    Wellington III HF733 HF734
    Wellington X HF735 HF735
    Wellington III HF736 HF738
    Wellington X HF739 HF739
    Wellington III HF740 HF742
    Wellington X HF743 HF743
    Wellington III HF744 HF746
    Wellington X HF747 HF747
    Wellington III HF748 HF750
    Wellington X HF751 HF751
    Wellington III HF752 HF754
    Wellington X HF755 HF755
    Wellington III HF756 HF758
    Wellington X HF759 HF759
    Wellington III HF760 HF762
    Wellington X HF763 HF763
    Wellington III HF764 HF764
    Wellington III HF791 HF792
    Wellington X HF793 HF793
    Wellington III HF794 HF796
    Wellington X HF797 HF797
    Wellington III HF798 HF802
    Wellington XI HF803 HF804
    Wellington X HF805 HF805
    Wellington III HF806 HF807
    Wellington X HF808 HF808
    Wellington III HF809 HF810
    Wellington X HF811 HF811
    Wellington III HF812 HF816
    Wellington VIII HF828 HF828
    Wellington Ic HF829 HF837
    Wellington VIII HF838 HF838
    Wellington Ic HF839 HF849
    Wellington VIII HF850 HF850
    Wellington Ic HF851 HF853
    Wellington VIII HF854 HF854
    Wellington Ic HF855 HF856
    Wellington VIII HF857 HF857
    Wellington Ic HF858 HF859
    Wellington VIII HF860 HF860
    Wellington Ic HF861 HF862
    Wellington VIII HF863 HF863
    Wellington Ic HF864 HF865
    Wellington VIII HF866 HF866
    Wellington Ic HF867 HF868
    Wellington VIII HF869 HF869
    Wellington Ic HF881 HF822
    Wellington VIII HF883 HF883
    Wellington Ic HF884 HF885
    Wellington VIII HF886 HF886
    Wellington Ic HF887 HF888
    Wellington VIII HF889 HF889
    Wellington Ic HF890 HF894
    Wellington VIII HF895 HF895
    Wellington Ic HF896 HF900
    Wellington VIII HF901 HF901
    Wellington Ic HF902 HF903
    Wellington VIII HF904 HF904
    Wellington Ic HF905 HF906
    Wellington VIII HF907 HF907
    Wellington Ic HF908 HF909
    Wellington VIII HF910 HF910
    Wellington Ic HF911 HF912
    Wellington VIII HF913 HF913
    Wellington Ic HF914 HF915
    Wellington VIII HF916 HF916
    Wellington Ic HF917 HF918
    Wellington VIII HF919 HF919
    Wellington Ic HF920 HF921
    Wellington VIII HF922 HF922
    Wellington Ic HX364 HX371
    Wellington VIII HX372 HX372
    Wellington Ic HX373 HX375
    Wellington VIII HX376 HX376
    Wellington Ic HX377 HX378
    Wellington VIII HX379 HX379
    Wellington Ic HX380 HX380
    Wellington VIII HX381 HX381
    Wellington Ic HX382 HX382
    Wellington VIII HX383 HX383
    Wellington Ic HX384 HX385
    Wellington VIII HX386 HX386
    Wellington Ic HX387 HX387
    Wellington VIII HX388 HX388
    Wellington Ic HX389 HX390
    Wellington VIII HX391 HX391
    Wellington Ic HX392 HX393
    Wellington VIII HX394 HX394
    Wellington Ic HX395 HX395
    Wellington VIII HX396 HX396
    Wellington Ic HX397 HX397
    Wellington VIII HX398 HX398
    Wellington Ic HX399 HX400
    Wellington VIII HX401 HX401
    Wellington Ic HX402 HX402
    Wellington VIII HX403 HX403
    Wellington Ic HX417 HX417
    Wellington VIII HX418 HX420
    Wellington Ic HX421 HX421
    Wellington VIII HX422 HX422
    Wellington Ic HX423 HX423
    Wellington VIII HX424 HX424
    Wellington Ic HX425 HX425
    Wellington VIII HX426 HX428
    Wellington Ic HX429 HX429
    Wellington VIII HX430 HX430
    Wellington Ic HX431 HX431
    Wellington VIII HX432 HX432
    Wellington Ic HX433 HX433
    Wellington VIII HX434 HX434
    Wellington Ic HX435 HX435
    Wellington VIII HX436 HX437
    Wellington Ic HX438 HX438
    Wellington VIII HX439 HX439
    Wellington Ic HX440 HX440
    Wellington VIII HX441 HX445
    Wellington Ic HX446 HX447
    Wellington VIII HX448 HX448
    Wellington Ic HX449 HX449
    Wellington VIII HX450 H450
    Wellington Ic HX451 HX451
    Wellington VIII HX452 HX452
    Wellington VIII HX466 HX467
    Wellington Ic HX468 HX468
    Wellington VIII HX469 HX469
    Wellington Ic HX470 HX470
    Wellington VIII HX471 HX471
    Wellington Ic HX472 HX472
    Wellington VIII HX473 HX475
    Wellington Ic HX476 HX476
    Wellington VIII HX477 HX477
    Wellington Ic HX478 HX478
    Wellington VIII HX479 HX479
    Wellington Ic HX480 HX480
    Wellington VIII HX481 HX482
    Wellington Ic HX483 HX484
    Wellington VIII HX485 HX485
    Wellington Ic HX486 HX486
    Wellington VIII HX487 HX487
    Wellington Ic HX488 HX488
    Wellington VIII HX489 HX489
    Wellington VIII HX504 HX505
    Wellington Ic HX506 HX506
    Wellington VIII HX507 HX507
    Wellington Ic HX508 HX508
    Wellington VIII HX509 HX509
    Wellington Ic HX510 HX510
    Wellington VIII HX511 HX513
    Wellington Ic HX514 HX514
    Wellington VIII HX515 HX515
    Wellington Ic HX516 HX516
    Wellington VIII HX517 HX517
    Wellington Ic HX518 HX518
    Wellington VIII HX519 HX520
    Wellington Ic HX521 HX521
    Wellington VIII HX522 HX522
    Wellington Ic HX523 HX523
    Wellington VIII HX524 HX524
    Wellington Ic HX525 HX525
    Wellington VIII HX526 HX526
    Wellington Ic HX527 HX527
    Wellington VIII HX528 HX528
    Wellington Ic HX529 HX529
    Wellington HZ102 HZ981
    Wellington JA104 JA645
    Wellington I L4212 L4391
    Wellington I L7770 L7899
    Wellington LA964 LB251
    Wellington X LN157 LR210
    Wellington ME870 MF742
    Wellington MP502 MP825
    Wellington X MS470 MS496
    Wellington I N2735 N3019
    Wellington NA710 ND133
    Wellington Ia P2515 P2532
    Wellington Ia P9205 P9236
    Wellington Ic P9237 P9300
    Wellington PF820 PG422
    Wellington Ic R1000 R1049
    Wellington Ic R1060 R1099
    Wellington Ic R1135 R1184
    Wellington Ic R1210 R1254
    Wellington Ic R1265 R1299
    Wellington Ic R1320 R1349
    Wellington Ic R1365 R1414
    Wellington Ic R1435 R1474
    Wellington Ic R1490 R1539
    Wellington Ic R1585 R1629
    Wellington Ic R1640 R1669
    Wellington Ic R1695 R1729
    Wellington Ic R1757 R1806
    Wellington I R2699 R2703
    Wellington Ic R3150 R3179
    Wellington Ic R3195 R3239
    Wellington Ic R3275 R3299
    Wellington RP312 RP590
    Wellington Ic T2458 T3000
    Wellington II W5352 W5611
    Wellington Ic W5612 W5735
    Wellington W5795 W5815
    Wellington Ic X3160 X3221
    Wellington III X3222 X4003
    Wellington Ic X9600 X9993
    Wellington Ic Z1040 Z1181
    Wellington IV Z1182 Z1496
    Wellington III Z1562 Z1751
    Wellington II Z8328 Z8662
    Wellington Z8702 Z9114

    For example ?3427 can only be X3427

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    Default Wellington Serials

    Serial Numbers were not (for security reasons) allocated in an unbroken sequence; for example, in the "X" Series of Wellington MkIII production, there were several breaks in the sequencing, as follows:

    (This, from the Air Britain "X" serials book...)

    "450 Wellington III's delivered between May '41 and July '42, by Vickers at Squires Gate:

    X3222 - X3226 X3923 - X3967
    X3275 - X3313 X3984 - X4003
    X3330 - X3374
    X3387 - X3426
    X3445 - X3489
    X3538 - X3567
    X3584 - X3608
    X3633 - X3728
    X3741 - X3823
    X3866 - X3990"

    It appears, therefore, that "X3427" does not tie-up with a Wellington...

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    If 1899 is not amongst the Wellington serials, then I am pretty confident it will turn up as T1899, a Blenheim IV, possibly of 105 or 107 Squadron. Trawling through Chorley's BC Losses, I can get within two digits (T1897) of the one you are looking for.
    The references I have for the 4-engined heavies don't even come close, nor do they for Battles, Hampdens or Whitleys, so I'll plump for the Blenheims.
    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks Ross, Andy and Bill,

    That all helps.



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