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Thread: Rhodesian Typhoon Pilot - Capstick-Dale

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    Matt Anderson

    Default Rhodesian Typhoon Pilot - Capstick-Dale

    I wonder if anyone can help me locate infornation about a Typhoon pilot, Capstick-Dale, who might have won a DFC following the invasion of Normandy. I believe he was flying with 175 Squadron RAF. The only reference I have been able to find of him was in a book entiled 'Typhoon Warfare, Reminiscences of a Rocket Firing typhoon Pilot', by an Australian pilot, Tom Hall.

    I am particularly interested in the aircraft Capstick-Dale flew, and locating his citation for the DFC, if awarded.

    Many thanks and happy new year to you all,

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    There is no mention of this man in Maton's 'Honour the Air Forces - honours and awards to the RAF & Dominion Air Forces during WWII', nor in Salt's 'A Pride of Eagles - the definitive history of the Rhodesian Air Force 1920-1980'.


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    Default Captstick-Dale

    G'day Matt

    Extracted from the following site:

    Stanley Hall Elphinstone Capstick-Dale, born 1922, died 24 July, 1944, noted in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database (120) as "Son of Lieut.-Comdr. E. J. Capstick-Dale, and of Marjorie Capstick-Dale; stepson of Mr. D. Stant, of Chingola, Northern Rhodesia" (modern Zimbabwe), his rank and position at death noted as Second Lieutenant (Pilot) in the South African Air Force.

    * He is buried in Plot I/2 Grave 247


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    Matt Anderson

    Default Thanks

    Many thanks for that.

    I understand Capstick-Dale survived the war (I met his son in South Africa - born in the 50's) and his first name, I believe, Eric.

    Wish I could be of more help...



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    Capstick-Dale spun in whilst with 3 Tactical Exercise Unit flying Typhoon JP847. 26/9/44 had to make an emergency landing at a forward landing-strip after being attacked by Bf109s. (Thomas/Shores The Typhoon & Tempest Story)

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    Default Capstick-Dale(s)

    There were two, brothers I believe (possibly twins?). They may have been on the same course at 3 TEU as 2LT S.H.E.Capstick-Dale was killed on 24 July 44 (spun in during an unauthorised low-level 'dogfight') and Lt E.M.Capstick-Dale joined 175 Sqn circa September 44. TEU courses were followed by a spell at a GSU so the timing is about right.

    So it was the latter pilot that was involved in the incident on 26 Sept 44; unfortunately (not having realised there were two Capstick-Dales at the time) the index in 'T&T Story' would suggest it was the former! The incident is more full described in 2ndTAF Vol.2 p.305.

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    Chris Scott

    Default Chingola

    Please indulge a couple of side observations re. this interesting tale.
    For the record, Chingola - formerly in Northern Rhodesia - is now in Zambia, not Zimbabwe.* Northern Rhodesia gained independence as Zambia in, I think, 1964. Chingola is a small mining town, on the so-called Copperbelt, near the border with what was the Katanga province of the then Belgian Congo.

    The Secretary-General of the UN, Dag Hammarskjold, was killed in an air crash (DC-6) on the approach to the nearby (also Northern Rhodesian) town of Ndola in 1961, during the post-independence civil war across the border in secession-seeking Katanga. The story was that the crew may have been using an instrument approach chart (and accompanying descent profile) for a sea-level airfield with a slightly similar name: Ndola and environs are around 4000 ft amsl.

    * [Neighbouring Southern Rhodesia was refused independence by Britain; seized it with Ian Smith's UDI in 1965, styling itself Rhodesia; and was later granted legal independence as Zimbabwe in 1980.]

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