The ABC has just reported that David Shannon's DSO is now on display at the Australian War Memorial. The story reads as follows:

"A medal awarded to an Australian for the Dambusters raids during World War II is being displayed at the War Memorial in Canberra.

The Distinguished Service Order medal was awarded to South Australian airman David John Shannon for his part in the historic missions to destroy dams and flood industrial areas in Germany.

The War Memorial's Chris Goddard says Mr Shannon flew 69 missions during his three tours.

'He'd actually already won a Distinguished Flying Cross before he joined the Dambuster's 617 squadron,' he said.

'In fact one of the reasons he was chosen was because of his daring nature.'

Mr Goddard says the medal is on long-term loan from Mr Shannon's family.

'We were sorely lacking personal objects in our story of the Dambusters, so we're absolutely delighted that his daughter has allowed us to have these thing on long-term loan,' he said."