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    Default DFC help

    191098 A/F/O. Francis Cheshire is shown in LG dated 14/6/46 (with Service No. 191089) as being awarded a DFC (USA) (unless I'm reading incorrectly).
    Subsequent entries just show DFC after his name.

    I am trying to establish if it was a DFC (USA) or a DFC (UK) or whether he received both. Any insight as to the reason for the granting of this award and his unit at the time would also be helpful and appreciated



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    Default Cheshire DFC

    His DFC is an American DFC, and there is no sign of his having been awarded a Commonwealth DFC.

    Your remark, "Subsequent entries just show DFC after his name" leads me to ask, "Subsequent entries in what ?". Almost certainly not an Air Ministry publication like the Air Force List, because the protocol was that such documents did NOT record foreign awards as postnominal letters. If "subsequent entries" refers to the ORB entries, then that is understandable.

    There are a large number of documents at Kew that deal with American awards to Commonwealth personnel if you want to pursue this for a recommendation or citation, viz:

    AIR 2/9090 (dealing primarily with 2 TAF personnel)
    AIR 2/9103
    AIR 2/9108
    AIR 2/9114
    AIR 2/9146
    AIR 2/9644 (mainly dealing with Arnhem operations)
    AIR 2/9682

    ... none of which I am in a position to recommend over others.

    On the former board I listed several foreign awards to RAF and Commonwealth personnel (i.e. American Russian, Belgian, Chinese, Netherlands, etc. With Ross's permission I can repost these lists on the new board under "Research Materials".
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    Eddie Fell Guest


    Thanks Hugh

    That's more or less what I thought

    The 'subsequent entries' are those in the London Gazette detailing his promotions. I wasn't however aware that foreign postnominal letters were used in the LG



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