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    Can anyone help with information on the Spitfire PR.IX.
    I have researched some books and the net, however, the only info I can find is that a number of Mk.IX's had cameras fitted and their guns remove. I'm unsure if this is true.

    Thank you


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    The Spitfire bible, in my collection anyway, is "Spitfire - The Story of a Famous Fighter" by Robertson. He lists "P.R. IX" as an unoffical designation of the first P.R. XI which was a conversion of Mk. IX serial EN149. It is not clear to me if the other conversions, EN341-343 and EN652-685 were ever known as P.R. IX. He lists Mk. XI production as 471, "discounting P.R. IX's".

    Camera installation and extra fuel tanks were the same as a P.R. IV, and the only extra equipment seems to have been a beam approach radio in some aircraft (T.R.1143).

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    Thanks Bill
    I read in 'Spitfire - The History" Norway was looking at obtaining the PR.IX's along with Egypt. (both countries looking at converting Mk.IX's to the recce role)

    Also in the book it states that the next variant of the VB was to be the PR.IX, however, there was a change of mind and the PR.X version of the F Mk.VII was confirmed and the PR.VIII and PR.IX was abandoned.

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