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Thread: 110 Sq RAF aircrew

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    Default 110 Sq RAF aircrew

    Trying to get information on 110sq pilot Dickinson KIA Mar 1941. His crew earlier in 41 were Sgt Muirhead and Sgt George Thompson. especially interested in Thompson, was he same Thompson KIA Dec 41 in 102 Sq Whitley lost ?16th Dec . Muirhead apparently still alive 2004.

    The Documents I have seen only say George Thompson no serial number.

    Thanks for any Help, Contact person for 110 sq hasnt answered letter from many months ago .Another contact said Dickinsons gunner was Scottish ,another wasnt sure but thought he was KIA later in 41. This suggests 102 Gunner was one and same as CWGC list says he was from east lothian

    Thanks Robert Reid

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    Default Sgt G E Thompson info

    Chorleys has the following extract:
    Whitley Z6973 Information
    Squadron 102 DY-?
    Operation Dunkirk
    Date 1 16th December 1941
    Airborne 16:43 16 Dec 41 from Dalton. Shot down into the sea by Flak. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/S W.G. Caldwell RCAF KIA Sgt D.G. Jack RAAF KIA Sgt F.E. Baldock KIA Sgt G.E. Thompson KIA Sgt W.A. Evans RCAF KIA

    It gives his middle initial which may or may not assist!

    I couldn't trace the 110 Sqdn BLENHEIM loss in the whole of 1941, do you have any more details?
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    13-14 March 1941
    110 Sqn.
    Blenheim IV T2278 VE-
    Op: Hamburg.

    T/o 2027 Wattisham. Shot down by a night-fighter (Ofw Paul Gildner, 4./NJG1) and crashed at Tolbert (Groningen), 14 km SW of Groningen, Holland. All are buried in the General Cemetery at Esserveld in the SE suburbs of Groningen.

    F/L J Dickinson DFC +
    Sgt C W Fry +
    Sgt R Mower +

    See: Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War (Vol.2) 1941.
    Chorley,W R
    Earl Shilton:Midland Counties Pubs.,1993

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    More exact crashlocation: Auwemalaan (name of a street) in Tolbert, time 22.48 hrs.


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    Located the following website, although I had difficulty in accessing, so used the cached data from google.

    This shows that G G THOMPSON - 759024 won DFM at the same time as DICKINSON won DFC. I could not locate THOMPSON in CWGC so presume he survived the war.

    F/L John Dickinson was a pilot on a Blenheim with 110 Squadron.
    On 28 January 1941 he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross, and his air gunner Sgt George Gastin Thompson an Distinguished Flying Medal for an an extraordinary action during a mission to Gelsenkirchen.
    Their citation reads:

    "Pilot Officer John DICKINSON (79538), Royal
    Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 110 Squadron.
    Awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal.

    759024 Sergeant George Gastin THOMPSON,
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 110

    Pilot Officer Dickinson and Sergeant Thompson were the pilot and air gunner respectively of an aircraft detailed to attack a target at Gelsenkirchen. Owing to adverse weather conditions they were unable to locate their primary objective but successfully bombed a factory near Recklinghausen as an alternative. After passing Eindhoven, on the return journey, an illuminated dummy flare path was observed. Pilot Officer Dickinson thereupon altered course for Gilze-Rijen aerodrome where two hostile aircraft, showing navigation lights, were seen flying in a westerly direction. Pursuing one of these for about 30 miles, Pilot Officer Dickinson skillfully maneuvered his aircraft and enabled Sergeant Thompson to engage and eventually shoot down the enemy. Pilot Officer Dickinson and Sergeant Thompson showed great courage and initiative throughout the operation."
    On 13 March 1941 his crew took off from their base Horsham St. Faith in Blenheim IV R2278. Their target was Hamburg. The crew consisted of pilot F/L Dickinson, Navigator Sgt Charles Fry and wireless operator / air gunner Sgt Robert Mower.
    Over the Dutch province of Groningen, the Blenheim was caught by German radar and a night fighter, flown by Ofw. Gildner, was sent to intercept it. Gildner did so and attacked the Blenheim while flying over the town of Zevenhuizen. F/L Dickinson's plane was hit and crashed near Tolbert at 22.48. None of the crew managed to bail out of the stricken plane and all perished.
    Shortly after shooting down the Blenheim, Ofw. Gildner engaged the Wellington from 214 squadron flown by Sgt Elder and his crew over the town of Jispinghuizen. Machinegun fire was heard among the roaring engines of the planes. The Wellington was hit and started to burn. Soon after the Wellington crashed on the eastside of the main road running from Vlagtwedde to Ter Apel, just east of the city of Groningen. Only one of this crew survives.
    Both crews are buried at the Esserveld cemetery in Groningen.
    F/L Dickinson is buried at Plot RP. Row Class 2. Coll. grave 26


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