To all you great minds out there....
Can anyone help me with identifying an individual who attempted an escape or made an escape. Only problem is I do not know a name or location.
The information I do have is from an eyewitness to the escape who has since died, but he thought that the escaper was a South African and possilbly a squadron leader, may be in fighters.... but none of this info is gospel. Sorry these were 50 year old memories.
The escape took place at either
Dulag Luft 17/3/42 - 1/4/42
Hoke Mark Lazarette 1/4/42 - 14/6/42
Stadt Rhoda 14/6/42 - 17/8/42
Egundorf hospital 17/8/42 - 20/12/42
Oflag 9A/2 Rottenburg 20/12/42 - 12/1/43

Nothing was heard of him after the escape, so he may have made it home, been captured or.... was he a stool pigeon?

Hopefully this may trigger someone else's memory.