I wonder if anyone has the ORB of No.7 Squadron. I have several queries, viz:

Is there anything to link a Sergeant Burgar (a gunner, engaged in air combat, 2/3 February 1943) with Sergeant Reginald Kenneth Burgar (R92486), RCAF ?

Is there anything to link a Sergeant Browell (gunner, in air combats, 2/3 February 1943 and 11/12 February 1943) with Sergeant George Willard Browell (R85068 later J43133), RCAF ?

Can the crew of Stirling "D", involved in a combat, 11/12 August 1942, be identified ? I have a Combat Report which has no names on it, and although a list of sorties for A.A. Bishop, RCAF, this particular date does not appear - yet the CR supposedly relates to his crew. ORB confirmation sought.

Can the crew of Stirling BF335, involved in a combat, 24 August 1942, be identified ? A.A. Bishop was flying that night, but the CR in my hand gives no names. Again, ORB confirmation is sought.

Any assistance would be appreciated.