What were the places of death registration for:

A - Killed on active service:
F/Sgt Frank A. BROWN - 1280368;
P/O (Pilot) David R. FARNHAM - 108571;
Sgt (Reagunner) John W. WATSON - 546758 - 9 Sqn (Honington, Suffolk); killed on board of a Wellington on a raid to Rostock; a/c crashlanded in Uk but could be repaired; also looking for the a/c serial number, and
F/O William D. WHATLEY - 44199.

B - Died on active service:
ACW2 Doris S. WINTER - 2005985.

C - Listed in Flight archives but text unreadable:
AC2 Ronald SHEPHERD - 1486889 - 234 Sqn (Ibsley, Hampshire).

D - Not found in Flight archives:
AC1 Ronald D. HOWELLS - 1381390.

E - Proposed aircraft loss:
Hector I - K9765 - 1 GTS - crashed on landing Kidlington.

Regards and thanks for your help.