Dear all,

644 and 570 Squadron were involved in weapon supply missions in my research area. To complete my records I'm looking for the first names of the next crew members:

644 Squadron
W/O Bentley, B., NZ417006, pilot
W/O Campbell, M. R., NZ424968, rear gunner
F/Sgt Christian, Harry J., NZ421833, pilot
W/O Fearn, G. H., NZ424973, wireless operator
F/Sgt Hay, R. E., NZ425900, bomb aimer
F/Sgt Roberts, Mervyn A., NZ425939, navigator

570 Squadron
P/O Clotworthy, G. L., NZ4133737, wireless operator
P/O Henderson, J. S. NZ428318, bomb aimer
F/O Jennings, W. J., NZ422058, pilot
P/O McNeill, A. J., NZ416659, bomb aimer

Thanks in advance for your effort,
Hans Nauta