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Thread: POW report of Sgt W R Williams, Lanc R5544, QR-Z

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    Default POW report of Sgt W R Williams, Lanc R5544, QR-Z

    I'm looking for any information of Lancaster R5544, coded QR-Z
    It crashed close to my home in Düsseldorf on June 2rd, 1942
    (see also at

    Who could help me to find the debrief of POW Sgt W R Williams? It would be also very interesting to know if he survived the war and what happened to him.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    The POW Index shows the following information:
    Stalag L3 PoW number 3644 Surname Williams Initials W R Sqn? Aircraft serial? Service Number 39359 Date of Loss?
    and this may help track him down. It would appear he survived, but I don't have any further info. Tracing a Williams would involve a lengthy search as it's a popular surname....
    I see that you have already had information about the loss of R5544 on a previous thread.
    Hope this helps!!

    As an afterthought, would you know where to begin searching German archives for information regarding 51 Sqn Halifax HR732 MH-Y which was lost early on 4th December 1943 attacking Leipzig? it seems it was hit twice by flak and exploded on the bombing run. no identifiaction of the wreckage or crew has been found. It may be that the wreckage was scattered so hampering identifiaction, but the pilots wedding ring was returned 3 years after the war ended but without any other personal effects and no grave recorded.
    It might be in the newspaper archives showing bomber wreckage for that night, but I don't know how to, or where to, start searching. Is it possible you may be able to contact Leipzig newspapers and ask on my behalf?
    Auf wiederhoren!! Kevin

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