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Thread: Father in Law Dyer

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    Default R H H Dyer - my father

    Hello I want to tell you about my father war service - all told by him - so it may not be accurate.
    He was born 6/11/1922 (America date so June 11th) and joined up as soon as he could ('39 or '40) - he started as a ordinary airman and lasted the whole war leaving I think in late '46 or '47 as Squadron Leader.
    He was attended training in Canada and told stories of getting leave to New York where he danced with Veronica Lake in the Starlight room and meeting Errol Flynn.
    He was a navigator in the pathfinders force and told of the days they had to calculate position every 6 minutes with nothing but a slide rule and a pencil. He said he became Cheif Navigator - not sure what this means.
    He said he was shot down twice the first time he evaded capture and had some great stories about that time. He got back and was flying again shortly afterward. He was chief navigator at some time and was lead on a lot of missions. He says he is double member of the caterpiller club - one time he was shot down the plane was on fire and he was not sure how many of them made it. The second time near the end of the war he was made a POW. He related how he was Snr officer in the Camp and they decided to march away from the nominal German Guard becuse they (and some Polish airmen) did not want to get liberated by the Russians - they had heard stories of people disappearing. So they did this and marched to the American forces (no idea about locations).
    He finally got back to England after another adventure in France and became a de-mob officer at the Lords Cricket ground. He tells me all the officers were made honoury members of the MCC so they could drink at the club.
    I have many specific other great stories, like when on the run he cut his boots down with his pen knife so he could walk in them and stripped of his uniform insignia so he could hide better. This effort was ruined by one of the crew (the pilot or co-pilot) refusing to disguise his unform and just following my father in plain sight - my father had to threaten to kill him to get him to stop following him.
    He told me the Patherfinders had a life expectancy of 6 weeks - he did more tha 2 full tours of duty - I would love to know if he got any medals - to go with the nightmares.
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    I had a quick look in "We act with one accord" the history of No. 35 Squadron, but couldn't find any other detailed entry about R.H.H. DYERS than the appendix about the losses. So no more informations from it.

    I confirm nevertheless the other DYER is Wallace Harry DYER, who evaded capture in 1941. He was flying aboard Wellington X9761 of No. 99 Squadron. His fellow escapers were John Barlett DICKS RCAF and Hilary Eldred BIRK RAAF. Both three filed an evasion report, to be found in WO 208/3308 in The National Archives in Kew, but unfortunately I don't have them.

    From the PoW questionnaires of Coleman and Lewis, I can tell their Wellington came down in Belgium, not in France.

    May I suggest to contact Linzee Druce through her website about her grandfather "archie" ? He was also 35 Squadron although in 1942, but she has good connections with the Squadron association.

    Hope this helps


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