I have a photo (rather poor quality) that shows the remains of a british bomber
that crashed over German. The back reads:

Radiophoto RB581938 Radiophoto
Fligts end for an RAF plane
Berlin - Wreckage of one of eight British
planes brought down during Thursday nights
raid on Berlin -- the heaviest of 30 air
attacks on the German Capital since they
began, Aug. 25, according to reports. Photo
passed by Nazi censors and radioed from Berlin
to New York
CREDIT LINE (ACME Radiophoto) 11-15-1940

Stamp dated Nove 20 1940

I have had a look through Bomber Command losses and I assume the
aircraft in question was lost on the night of the 14th/15th November
when they lost 13 aircraft.

The image is poor quality (possibly due to it being a radio photo) however
it does not appaer to be a Wellington, and the wreckage appears to be very
near an amry base, or something similar.

If it is not a Wellington, it can onlt be one of 11 aircraft, and as one of these
crashed into the sea, and one crashed near Kings Lynn, it narrows it down to

I was wondering if anybody had anyhting on their records about an aircraft crashing
on the said night near a military base.

I can email the photo if it will help.