I am assisting a fellow in gathering some information as follows:

My great uncle is Flight Sergeant (promoted to WO at the end of the war) Kenneth Abbs. He was a flight engineer. He flew his first tour with 427 Squadron RAF (Lion) in Halifaxes from RAF Leeming. His second tour was with 405 (Pathfinder) Squadron RCAF (Eagle) in Lancasters from RAF Gransden Lodge.

His 44th mission was the Opel works at Rüsselsheim, in August 1944 (unsure of the date, his Squadron flew 2 missions there in August). On the return journey (i think) his plane was shot up and the pilot gave the order to bail out.

They were taken PoW and sent to Stalag Luft 7 (Bankau, Germany - now Bakow, Poland). On January 17th they were marched to (i think) Stalag IIIa near Berlin. They arrived on Febuary 5th, and had marched 240km. They were 'liberated' by the Russians, though kept in camp until the Americans arrived.

Unfortunately I dont know the names of the rest of the crew, but I think one or two were found by civillians and shot. The pilot ended up taking the plane home, and sent them a postcard from England.
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