Hi All,
Following on from my previous post on the same subject, I am requiring some help to determine the records of the following airmen.
1. Ted Gray RNZAF.
2. Norm Cunningham RNZAF.
3. Chips Woods RNZAF.
4. Tom Caracavich RAAF (spelling seems questionable I've tried variations of the spelling but to no avail)
5. Rolly White RNZAF.
The problem I have is that Dad has used Nicknames to identify these men which creates a search and query problem for me. If I contact NZ Defence and give these names as they stand, the reply I would expect is "how long is a piece of string!!!"
Does anyone have access to the ORB or Mustering information for the above station at that particular time. It would appear as though this will be my best chance of sorting out the problem I have. Any help with this matter would be much appreciated.
Rob Jerram