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Thread: Dowse, FltSgt, RAFVR 1542071

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    Default Dowse, FltSgt, RAFVR 1542071

    Anyone have any gen on this chap or how he was killed? I belive he died in a ground accident after having converted to Mustangs. I have seen his entry on CWWGC>

    Herbert Richard (Dickie) Dowse, Flight Sgt, RAFVR, serv. no. 1542071

    His two brothers served on 78 sqn BC and on P38s in the Phillipines with USAF

    Thanks in advance Peter

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    A distant relative was in touch with me some months ago and the reason for death he had was a fall from a balcony.

    His name is published under "Died on Active Service" in the Flight magazine dated March 8th 1945.

    His death is registered in Knarebro' district of

    His GRO index listing is Vol. 9a pg 102.
    You can order a copy of the death certificate using that number reference above tho it will not lilkely tell you what the death injuries were caused by, other than to say what they were.

    The listing as DOAS supports a non aircrat related death.
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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