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Thread: Viewing reco pictures

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    Default Viewing reco pictures

    many aerial pictures of France were taken during the war by reco aircraft such as spits, P38 etc..

    I heard it was possible to view them today : does somebody have a site address to provide me ?



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    Check this link

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    Hello Gilles,

    You could take a look at three places:

    1) Evidence in Camera
    A huge British archive of World War II aerial reconnaissance photos, including pictures of the D-Day landings in Normandy. Some 5 million Royal Air Force photos of Western Europe is available to the public on the Web site given at the end of this paragraph. The pictures were transferred to Aerial Reconnaissance Archives project at Keele University in north-central England.Keele University in 1962 from the Allied Central Interpretation Unit, where wartime analysts studied the material collected by reconnaissance crews. The collection is the property of the national Public Records Office on permanent loan to the university. Before the digitalization, using the photo archive had meant a manual search through thousands of boxes.

    2) TARA - The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives.
    TARA are United Kingdom Government (Ministry of Defence) declassified and released aerial images of places throughout the world. It contains millions of images that provide a unique perspective on history and places since 1938. This website is free to search imagery from the Second World War []

    3) RAF Museum Photographic Collection
    At the RAF Museum, Hendon, London hold some aerial Recce photos. The Photograph Collection of the RAF Museum covers the history of British military aviation. It contains about 250,000 images in a variety of formats but most are black & white prints. I do not know about costs. []

    Hope this helps

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