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Thread: Air Commodore Alexander "Daddy" Dow.

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    Default Air Commodore Alexander "Daddy" Dow.

    Hello everyone,

    A work colleague of mine is a relation of the late Air Commodore Alexander Dow OBE, who was a founding member of the RAF's airfield construction branch.

    The only information I have been able to find for my colleague are Alexanders LG entries and a couple of online mentions via a google search.

    Does any forum member have any further information regarding Air Commodore Dow or even a photograph of him?

    Thanking you in advance,

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    Default Re: Air Commodore Alec Dow


    Sorry that this took so long - only 4 years! - I was messing about on Google the other day having written a remembrance piece that featured Alec and came across it.

    Alec Dow is my Great Uncle, and I have a number of photographs of him, plus other papers including his Commission in the RAF Volunteer Reserve, a history that he wrote of the ACS (I think for Anthony Bett's book) and his medals. Happy to post pictures of any of that if you are interested, i.e. once I figure out how to post attachments on here!

    There are two books on the ACS - Anthony Betts book covering 1939-45 and Nigel Walpole's Built to Endure covering the cold war. Alec Dow was "The Daddy" of the ACS but Bett's book which essentially covers that founding period doesn't really mention him much and even manages to get his name wrong! There is a much better tribute to his "founding" role in Nigel Walpole's text.

    And his relation will also be my relation! There aren't many of us to choose from as Alec Dow and his wife had no children.

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