I have another mystery, I was hoping you could help solve....

I have been contacted by a regular visitor to Scolt Island off the norther coast of Norfolk.

She has alerted me to an article in the book "Island of Terns" Quiller Press 1993 (pp 34-36) by Bob Chestney ISBN 10: 1870948866

In it he states the following "late December, another Blenheim force-landed on Scolt, virtually in the same spot and in foggy conditions. This time the pilot did not taxi his aircraft above the high tide level and the plane was totally immersed by the incoming sea."

He also noted that the salvage section from "MU Cambridge" had recorded in the visitor's book:

"Collected crashed aircraft 6644 (sic) Blenheim bomber. Arrived January 1, 1940.
Completed task February 20. Number of RAF personnel involved 36."

This refers to Blenheim L6641 which in all published sources is listing as crashing on January 6th 1940. Pilot F/O Bain D6

As you can see there is some uncertainly on the date and the serial.. But both sources in the book (a personal recollection and the visitors book) state that the aircraft was on the ground prior to the 6th Jan 1940... I was wondering if the Wells or Sheringham were called out on a date in Dec 1939 or Jan 1940 ? If so what date ??

BYW the 'another Blenheim' refers to an earlier incident in Nov 1939 when two Blenheim fighter bombers were returning from a reconnaissance mission to their base at Bircham Newton (seven miles away). they landed on the firm sand." Both these aircraft were later flown off..

Man Thanks