Hi All,
This may be of interest to those of you who have studied the RAF ORB's. My father as I have mentioned in other threads was part of a Ferry Flight crew to the M.E in 1942, his pilot was an american Sgt Francis McClellan RCAF and when they finally got to M.E., McClellan joined USAAF. I wanted to compare the operational entries between RAF and USAAF as my father kept close contact with McClellan who was part of 98th Bombardment Group, 344th Squadron and Dad was 37 Squadron RAF. It has been interesting to compare targets for similar dates and get a better appreciation of the overall allied objective at this time July/August 1943. The Americans used interestingly the RAF Form 441-A to write up what they described as Sortie Reports and the detail is very comprehensive when compared with the RAF equivalent. It has been a very illuminating read and when one combines the different objectives attacked by both RAF and USAAF in a similar time frame it makes for quite interesting reading. If forum members are interested I can put up an example for members to get a better appreciation.

Rob Jerram.