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Thread: Dornier loss, location

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    Default Dornier loss, location

    In my previous post I was interested in the validity and origin of one description of a loss in 'Aircraft Casualties in Kent'.

    As follows:
    29.8.40: S of Tunbridge Wells. Do 215 0028, 4/AufKLGr (This was the last a/c in a formation when it was attacked by Sgt Howes of 85sqn. Went down streaming black and white smoke)

    But Peter Cornwell kindly points out his record states:
    31.8.40: AufklGr.Ob.d.L. Dornier Do215B-4 (0028). Crashed in the North Sea (The bodies of Philipp Maurer and Reinhard Vogel were later washed ashore on the Dutch coast)

    Apart from being a hundred miles apart, geographically they are 2 days apart, and so which source is to be believed? Sureley Tunbridge Wells isn't just a random addition?

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