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    In 1943 a small number of RCAF personnel (Marine Branch) were sent to Britain, apparently for training and experience in High Speed Rescue Launch work. I know of five (there may have been more). In only one case (so far) have I found even the barest of details apart from dates of posting overseas and repatriation to Canada, but one makes do with what one can. The case of "some" information (as opposed to "none") is Sergeant (Coxswain) Maurice William Himmelman, who was posted to Britain 8 March 1943 (disembarked 17 March 1943) and was then posted to No.423 Squadron at Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, apparently for the training part of his posting. He was then posted on 14 October 1943 to No.30 ASR, with which he appears to have served until April 1944 when he returned to Canada. He died of natural causes early in 1945.

    I am assuming (such a bad word) from the context of his career that "30 ASR" was a High Speed Launch unit operating in the southeast of England. I would appreciate confirmation of its designation and location, and if possible what its boat establishment may have been. An added bonus would be the National Archives (Kew) file reference if the unit kept an Operational Record Book of any kind.

    All help appreciated and acknolwledged.

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    Hi Hugh,

    The designation is No.30 A/SR.

    For records here are the Numbers, Locations and AIR references for all the UK based units.

    No.1 Lerwick AIR29/441
    No.2 Shapinsay/Orkney AIR29/441
    No.4 Wick AIR29/441
    No.6 Invergordon AIR29/441
    No.7 Burgh Head AIR29/441
    No.8 Buckie AIR29/441
    No.9 Fraserburgh AIR29/442
    No.10 Torry/Aberdeen AIR29/442
    No.11 Montrose AIR29/442
    No.12 Tayport AIR29/442
    No.14 Berwick-Upon-Tweed AIR29/442
    No.15 Blyth AIR29/442
    No.17 Scalloway AIR29/443
    No.21 Bridlington AIR29/443
    No.22 Grimsby AIR29/443
    No.23 Wells AIR29/443
    No.24 Lowestoft/Gorleston AIR29/443
    No.26 Felixstowe AIR29/444
    No.27 Ferry Dock/ Dover AIR29/445
    No.28 Newhaven AIR29/446
    No.29 Littlehampton AIR29/446
    No.30 Calshot/Gosport/Cowes AIR29/446
    No.31 Sheerness AIR29/446
    No.32 Calshot/Ostende AIR29/446
    No.33 Calshot/Norway AIR29/447
    No.36 Poole AIR29/447
    No.37 Lyme Regis AIR29/447
    No.38 Exemouth AIR29/447
    No.39 Torquay AIR29/447
    No.40 Weymouth AIR29/447
    No.41 Salcombe AIR29/447
    No.42 Newlyn AIR29/447
    No.43 Mountbatten AIR29/447
    No.44 Padstow AIR29/448
    No.45 Barry AIR29/448
    No.46 Porthcawl AIR29/448
    No.47 Aberystwyth AIR29/448
    No.48 Tenby AIR29/448
    No.49 Goodwick AIR29/448
    No.51 Pwllheli AIR29/448
    No.52 Fleetwood AIR29/448
    No.53 Fleetwood AIR29/448
    No.54 Isle of Man AIR29/448
    No.55 Kirkcudbright AIR29/448
    No.56 Portaferry AIR29/448
    No.57 Donaghadee AIR29/448
    No.58 Larne AIR29/448
    No.60 Culmore AIR29/448
    No.61 Campbeltown AIR29/448
    No.62 Lochboisdale AIR29/448
    No.63 Menai Bridge AIR29/449
    No.64 Drummore, Ayr AIR29/449
    No.65 Oban AIR29/449
    No.66 Stornoway AIR29/449
    No.67 Port Ellen AIR29/449

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    I have had cause to examine the 27 A/SR ORB at Kew. I recall that there were very few mentions of, or information on, any specific individual in the unit. As one would expect, the ORB covered patrols and rescues, but very little else. I suspect it will be the same for the unit your chap served with.



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