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Thread: No.626 Squadron query

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    Default No.626 Squadron query

    The DFC citation for Pilot Officer Harold Dennis Charles Allison (RCAF, No.626 Squadron) reads as follows:

    "Pilot Officer Allison has throughout his operational career displayed great courage, skill and initiative. In August 1944 he was detailed for an attack against Stettin. Whilst approaching the target his aircraft was attacked by two Junkers 88s and severely damaged. The rear turret was rendered completely unserviceable and Pilot Officer Allison's turret could only be worked by hand. Despite this, with outstanding determination, this officer managed to fire a long burst into the enemy aircraft which caught fire and exploded. This officer's gallantry and presence of mind have always been of the highest order."

    Air 50 Combat Records (at least those offered via Kew's "Documents on Line" service) throws up only one Combat Report for Allison, and that for 12/13 August 1944 when the target was Brunswick. Moreover, this particular combat was indecisive and in no way resembled the one outlined in the citation.

    There were two raids on Stettin that month - 16/17 August 1944 and 29/30 August 1944. "Documents on Line" offers no Combat Reports from No.626 Squadron on either date. I suspect that this puzzle can only be resolved (if at all) by reference to the squadron operational record book. May I call upon the help of anyone in possession of the appropriate ORB for confirmation of the date of the DFC action/combat and any details that the Forms 540 and 541 may yield.

    Three posts with requests in less than ten minutes ! I am unaccustomed to be such a scavanger in other people's resources.

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    Allison's aircraft failed to return from raiding Stettin on 29/30-8-1944. That is probably why you can't locate a combat report.

    The basic details from, Making for Sweden, are as follows:

    Case 196:
    29 August 1944
    Avro Lancaster Mk I, ME742
    UM-B2 626 Sqn, Bomber Command.

    F/O R.C.Hawkes Pilot RCAF Interned
    F/O H.D.McPhail 2nd Pilot RCAF Interned
    F/O R.M.MacKay FE. RAF Interned
    Sgt C.G.Ockwell BA. RAF Interned
    F/O R.J.Williams Nav. RAF Interned
    Sgt G.Langdon WO. RAF Interned
    F/Sgt H.D.C.Allison MUG. RCAF Interned
    F/O L.W.Bovee TG. RCAF Interned (L.M.Bovee in BCL5/406)

    Full details are recorded in the following ref (some of which is derived from AIR27/2145 No.626 Squadron:Operations Record Book Nov.1943 - Oct.1945).

    'Making for Sweden...' Part 1 - The RAF 1939 to 1945.
    Wegmann,Rolph & Bo Widfeldt.
    Walton-on-Thames:Air Research Pubs.,1997.

    Hopefully, someone can scan the story, and send it off to you. (No scanner).

    See also: BCL5/406 & 575(Interrogation report refs.).

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