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Thread: FW190 kill by spitfire 412 squadron

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    Default FW190 kill by spitfire 412 squadron

    Good morning to you all,

    Looking for details regarding the claim of a FW-190 during "Bodenplatte" (01 Jan. 1945).
    This German fighter crashed near "Vinkenpeel" area, close to "de Rips".
    Seems that this FW was shot down by a 412 squadron Spitfire.

    Is there any info available ?


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    Hi Hans
    In 2nd Taf Vol 2, 5 a/c of 412 Sqn are mentioned as being credited with the shooting down of 4 Fw190s at around 0950, for the loss of 1 of their own pilots, F/Lt J P Doak in Spitfire IX, MJ877, who is credited with 1 of the 190s N of Helmond and then being shot down by Bf109s nr Gutersloh. Also N of Helmond a Fw190 was shared by S/Ldr D H Dover(MK306) and F/O E D Kelly(PT352).One more was brought down 10mls NW of Venlo by F/Lt B E MacPherson(PT186) and another NE of Venlo by F/O V Smith(PT357). 412 Sqn were apparently already preparing for t/o when the German a/c arrived and were scrambled and directed towards Venlo to deal with them from their base at Heesch
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