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    Default service records

    I'm looking at my late fathers service records and under the headings 'movements unit area' are '41 base' 1/2/44
    '78 Sqd 4 grp'21/4/44
    '???P.T.C' 18/11/45
    ' HQ 47 grp'4/1/46
    ' HQ No 46 Grp'1/5/46
    and last entry '100 PDC 28'29/5/46--the note here is 'class 'a' release'

    This is not a comprehensive list as there are other entries when posted to 35 squadron.But has anyone any ideas about what and where the above postings may have been.
    My late father was trained as a wireless operator air gunner.
    Thanks Paul

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    Hello Paul

    We had a recent thread about No. 41 Base. It was an administrative level, in No. 4 Group, hence the 4 in 41. It controlled Acaster Malbis, Marston Moor (home of No. 1652 Heavy Conversion Unit), Riccall (1658 HCU) and Rufforth (1663 HCU). It should correspond to your father's time in HCU, between OTU and operational Squadron.

    No. 78 Squadron was in No. 4 Group, and based at Breighton, Yorkshire.

    P.T.C. stands for Personnel Transit Centre but there are so many of them that without the number, we can't tell where it was.

    No. 47 Group was formed on 1st January 1945 ex No. 116 Wing, as No 47 (Transport) Group in Transport Command at The Hall, Milton Ernest, Beds. On 1st April 1946 absorbed 47 Group [sic - do they mean 48 Group ?] ; On 14th April 1948 to Abingdon, redesignated No. 46 Group on 1st November 1949.

    No. 46 Group was formed on 1st January 1946 as No. 46 (Transport) Group in Transport Command at Uxbridge Road, Stanmore, Middx (advanced HQ at Netheravon February 1944) ; April 1944 to Bushey Hall hotel, Bushey near Watford, Herts, ; on 30th June 1945 Advance Part Bushey to St Germain-en-Laye [that's in France, near Paris] ; 20th August 1945 HQ returned from Dinton House, Vicarage, Hatch End,, Midx (also using 'Walders', Harrow Weald and 'Cedars', Uxbridge Road, Harrow) to Bushey hall hotel, Bushey ; 30th July 1946 to Manston ; on 14th August 1946 absorbed No. 44 Group ; on 1st December 1948 Advanced HQ became No. 46 Group and Rear Echelon No. 46 Group became rear HQ HQ No. 46 Group ; [when ?], Bückeburg ; 14th March 1949 Lüneberg (for operation Plainfare, the Berlin airlift) ; Disbanded 14th October 1949.

    100 PDC was No. 100 Personnel Disperal Centre, formed 1th September 1944 at Uxbridge, activated 15th May 1945 to handle demobilisation of RAF officiers, airmen aircrewand ground airmen, disbanded 15th November 1946 into No. 101 PDC.

    Details from "RAF Flying training and support units since 1912", by Sturtivant and Hamlin, Air-Britain


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