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Thread: Capel/Tudeley Spitfire Fri 25.10.40

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    Default Capel/Tudeley Spitfire Fri 25.10.40

    Please can anyone confirm these 2 incidents are one and the same incident?

    Fri 25.10.40
    Tunbridge Wells, Capel.
    Spitfire I X4170. Shot down over the town 9.00am. F/O Oxspring bailed out slightly injured in an orchard.

    ‘On the 25th October another parachutist floated over the town and landed in a tree at Adams Well, Broadwater Forest, about 2 miles out of the Borough. This was another of our fighter pilots who had been engaged in combat. He received bruises which were treated at the Kent & Sussex hospital. His plane landed at Tudeley.’ (Civil Defence, A History of the Borough, 1939-45) NB.Adams Well is in fact by the Tunbridge Wells railway line at High Rocks.

    Thanks in advance, Dave

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    Hello Dave,

    After baling out of Spitfire X4170 on 25-10-1940, Bobby Oxspring had this to say:

    "Fortune smiled and provided me with a whole wood just north of Pembury, and after a dodgy float over some high tension cables I crashed down through the foliage of an enormous tree. I covered my face with my arms as I went through the branches, and the canopy caught on the top of the tree leaving me suspended like a yoyo some twenty feet up. I managed to swing to one side and clamber up on to a branch still tied up in my harness. I didn't have long to wait before a number of the splendid and alert Home Guard arrived to the rescue and whisked me away to the Kent and Sussex General Hospital for a check-up. There the super medical staff gave me sympathetic going over, produced a most welcome four fingers of brandy and pronounced me fit for further adventures."

    Spitfire Command.
    Oxspring,Bobby Group Captain.DFC,AFC.
    London:William Kimber,1984.

    PS. The actual description of his combat and baling out, occupies pp.79-84.


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    Default Orchards & trees

    Hi Col.

    It would appear that he landed about 5 miles! SW of his aircraft which came down in an orchard in Capel (BoB T&N).

    The Orchard where his Spitfire crashed and the Tree into which he himself fell have been confused.

    THe Civil Defences record clearly states he landed at Adams Well (Broadwater Forest) which conflicts with his own account of 'North of Pembury'.

    But North of Pembury was of course where the a/c fell ie. Capel.

    Either he drifted in the wind, or the plane was still flying (doubt it).

    Thanks Col. He was one formidable pilot!

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