I have seen offfers of assistance with the 75 Sqdn records, and wonder if anyone would be able to answer a question for me. I'm researching the war service of my partner's uncle, F/O D A Cotton, who was a navigator in 75 Sqdn from 31/3/45 to 4/10/45. Is it possible to find out what ops he was on?

According to notes in his personnel record he flew only 14 hr (or 13:45 according to one source) on operations, and that his first operational sortie was Potsdam 14 April. I'd guess there was only one other operational sortie, and it was most likely to have been before 18 April (as that's when one of the documents, his AF381, was signed).

But in other places he suggests he also flew on Lincolns and accumulated 109 hr with 75 Sqdn after 18 April. Any thoughts on whether that would have been Manna missions, POW repatriation or training for the Pacific? I presume that anything after 7 or 8 May would not have counted as 'operational' flying.

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