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Thread: F/Lt Russell James Noonan 7 Sqdn W/Op/AG

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    Default F/Lt Russell James Noonan 7 Sqdn W/Op/AG

    I am trying to solve a puzzle regarding why my wifes late grandfather, F/Lt Noonan (RNZAF), was only stationed with 7 Sqdn for 8 days (20/8/1942-28/8/1942), and only flew one mission with them before transferring to 15 Sqnd.
    I have been in contact with some very helpful people in the UK regarding his time with 15 Sqdn, and his later second tour with 622 Sqdn, but haven't yet been able to find a contact regarding 7Sqnd records.
    If anyone can help with either information or a contact, I would apreciate it greatly.
    At the moment I am following a lead that may suggest an error of placement either for just F/Lt Noonan or possibly his whole crew, whereby they were sent to 7Sqdn in error, when they should have been at 15Sqdn.
    One of the reason for this possible scenario is that he then only flew 26 sorties with 15Sqd instead of the normal 30.

    Thanks in advance.
    Alex Smith
    New Zealand
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