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Thread: SGT H.G POPPER 101 Sqn KIA 30/8/44

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    There is a two and a half page account of this loss in Wegmann and Widfeldt's 'Making for Sweden'.

    The authors list nine crew, including Popper, all of whom were killed.


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    Default Sgt H.G. Popper, 101 Sqn

    Just to add a little something to what is known about Sgt Popper.

    He was born in Vienna, Austria on 28 January, 1925, the only child of Jules and Eugenie Popper.

    From what I can gather the family immigrated to the UK in the mid 30s. I am awaiting further information on that.

    While on 101 he was known as Henry Popper.

    When LL757 went down on 29-30 August, 1944 the British Air Attaché in Stockholm reported to the Air Ministry in London his name, with correct service number, as Copper.

    I am attaching the following letter sent by the Poppers to the family of the only Canadian casualty on F/Lt Stewart's aircraft, the navigator, F/O John Swanson of Vancouver, BC. I trust most will find it as moving as I did:

    34 Hulse Avenue
    Barking, Essex

    11 December, 1946

    Dear Mr. and Mrs Swanson,

    We are strangers writing to strangers, but there is a set link which binds us, such as we are unknown to each other.

    Our only child, the late Henry George Popper, was one of the members of the crew with your late dear son.

    The nine boys who gave their lives for the freedom of mankind were, as you know, all picked up and buried in Sweden; each having a grave to himself. On the second anniversary of their earthly departure we went to Sweden. Accompanied by the English Vice-Consul we visited their graves in Helsingborg. We put gladioli in English colours on the graves of the brave boys. A soft silent wind and a heavy summery rain spoke benediction over them.

    We thought it might be of comfort to you to know that two of the parents, who felt the same for all the boys, stood on their graves on the anniversary of the day they left us.

    The graves are beautifully kept with roses planted on them, but up to now there are only wooden crosses to tell the world the names of the boys who went over to the eternal life that others might stay longer here.

    We know that you, with us, will think of your boy a lot at this coming Christmas time and it might be that this letter will mean a greeting to you from your badly missed boy.

    Yours truly,

    Mr. and Mrs. Popper

    From this letter it is apparent that Sgt Popper was re interred in Malmö sometime after 1946.


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    Default Re: SGT H.G POPPER 101 Sqn KIA 30/8/44

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