circonstance of the death of the following Officers

Thread: circonstance of the death of the following Officers

  1. alain charpentier said:

    Default circonstance of the death of the following Officers


    Following my enquiry about the Cranwell Officers of 1934, would like to know about the death of the following Officers:

    F/O Henry Molyneux killed 11/8/1936
    F/O Paul Wingrave Ashton killed 23/5/1936
    G/C Robert Gordon Yaxley DSO MC DFC 33130 death 3/6/1943
    P/O Norman Dorrington Ashton killed 27/6/1935
    W/C Cecil Charlton-Jones 33108 killed 29/8/1942 149 squadron
    W/C Christopher Louis Yser Wright 33129 dead 23/11/1943
    S/L Hugh Denis Beck 33106 killed 7/12/1940 Ringwood cemetery
    W/C William Arthur Hughes 33115 killed 27/11/1943 Delhi cemetery
    P/O Arthur Frederick Spurrier dead 1/2/1936
    F/lt Timothy Roderick Manson 33121 killed 25/2/1941 Groton cemetery
    S/L James Henry Lowe 33119 killed 13/8/1940 maidstone cemetery

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Alex Crawford said:


    Hi Alain

    P/O Norman Dorrington Ashton killed 27/6/1935
    He was killed whilst flying Hawker Fury I, K3742 of No 43 Sqn when he dived into the sea whilst carrying out aerobatics near Selsey Bill. He is buried in Tangmere (St Andrew) Churchyard.

    F/O Paul Wingrave Ashton killed 23/5/1936
    He was killed whilst flying Audax, K3090 of No 2 Sqn when it collided with power cables during a practice attack at Hawkinge's Empire Air Day display and crashed near Holywell, Kent. The gunner was also killed.

    F/O Henry Molyneux killed 11/8/1936
    He was flying in Hawker Osprey, K3626 of No 801 Sqn with Sqn Ldr B V Reynolds on a flight from Eastleigh to Catterick. Having developed compass trouble, they turned back and made a forced landing at Wickham, Hants, but Molyneux was thrown from the aircraft having possibly unfastened his harness and was killed.

    Info from Air of Authority web site.

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  3. COL BRUGGY said:


    Hi Alain,

    17 OTU
    Magister I L5951

    Took off Upwood only to fly into high-tension cables and crash 1500 near Sawtry, 9 miles NNW from Huntingdon. F/L Manson, described as a pilot/navigator, is buried in Groton (St. Bartholomew) Churchyard.

    F/L T R Manson +
    ? Injured.

    Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses Vol.7 Operational Training Units 1940 - 1947
    Hinckley:Midland Publishing,2002

  4. Resmoroh said:

    Default HT Cables

    Col, Alex,
    I'm not trying to hijack this thread (honest!). However, Manson's unfortunate collision with HT cables at Sawtry is not the first HT approximation problem I've read about in the last few days. Now I grew up in that neck of the woods and the HT pylons in WW2 (as I remember them) were not all that tall (as opposed to the modern monsters!) and, therefore, the cables would - I suspect - only be 3/400 ft above ground? What was he (and, apparently, many others!) doing down there where the ground was far too close to the aircraft? Were they navigating by roads/railway-lines, etc, and in poor air/ground vis had to come down VERY low to see where they were?
    Do we have any Drivers, Airframe, from the time - and on the Forum - to tell us just what they were up to?
    Yrs Aye
    Peter Davies
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  5. Henk Welting said:


    YAXLEY Hudson FK386 * JONES Stirling N6081 * WRIGHT Halifax HR726 * BECK Hampden P4292.
  6. Henk Welting said:


    Forgot to mention LOWE - I've him as being killed in air raid Detling, Kent.
  7. alain charpentier said:


    Thank you very much my Friends !

    But nothing about P/O Arthur Frederick Spurrier 1/02/1936 ??

    Alain, who is near to melt under the hot temperature here at Moorea ....
  8. COL BRUGGY said:


    Hi Alain,


    Two men were killed on Saturday when an aeroplane* in which they had left Liverpool Airport only a short time before nose-dived into the Mersey near by. The aeroplane was owned and piloted by Mr Hubert Mason of Ainsdale, near Southport, and his passenger was Pilot Officer A.F.Spurrier of the 209th (Flying Boat) Squadron, R.A.F.

    Avro 616 Sports Avian. (c/n.576) G-ABSS

    See: The Times Monday, February 3, 1936. p.14

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  9. sopwith_fr said:

    Default C. L. Y. Wright

    before all excuse me for my poor english...
    The wing commander Christopher Louis Yser Wright (33129) was shot down during a mission to Berlin the 23 november 1943.
    He flew on the Halifax HR 726 of the 51 sqn.
    You can see a photo of him and his cap sold in a sale in Morlaix the 28/01/2012.
    He his in the Runnymede memorial.
    Philippe from France