I'm trying to find out details concerning the colour schemes of 237 Squadrons Hardys. I've seen one colour profile that shows K5917 wearing Light Earth/Dark Earth upper scheme with light blue undersurfaces. The code 2G is in white under the gunners cockpit and the G is repeated in white on the rudder and on the engine cowling below the exhaust.

I have a combat report from 23 November 1940. In it the pilot mentions the underside colour of the aircraft as silver (aluminium?). I have yet to find any photos of 237 Sqn Hardys so I can't confirm any of the above.

It would seem to me that the aircraft received a camouflage top coat and left the undersurfaces aluminium dope.

The colour profile above was found here.


Would anyone know of any photos showing 237 Sqn Hardys in their camo scheme? Any help appreciated.