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Thread: R.A.F. Administration forms

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    Default R.A.F. Administration forms

    I am seeking some help regarding the various administration forms used by the R.A.F. during the WW2 period. I have a 1942 Manual of Administration and I have decided to attempt to collate together copies (originals or electronic scans) of the forms if possible. I wondered if forum members had any scans in their archives they might be able to help me with? I know that the indexed number of forms in the manual is not exhaustive, it would be great to add others that exist to the list.

    Please email me at (replacing the @ suitably) if you are able to help.


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    In the interests of wheel reinventing prevention, might I suggest that as a starting point you first place a list of what you already have on the 'Useful Books and Research Materials' part of the forum?


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