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Thread: 108 Squadron in Italy?

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    Default 108 Squadron in Italy?

    I have come across this note from my father and want to clarify if he had got the squadron number wrong......
    Paddy Roberts,an Irishman, who had joined the RAF in 1937 with a short service commission, had been posted to Singapore and Palestine before going to 108 Squadron to fight the Italians. One day on returning from a sortie he saw a new petrol lorry which had been abandoned about a mile from an Italian camp on a plateau. He landed his Lysander and set the lorry on fire but while taking off he tore a wheel off the aircraft on a stone. Frightened to tell what really happened he agreed with his gunman to say that he had been attacked and shot up an Me110. His C/O had said that he had done well to get home. It was duly entered into the War Diary and no more was heard for a month. However, at the next Sergeants’ party, his gunman blurted out the truth to his comrades, the C/O found out and Paddy was awarded “a black.”

    This was written about beginning of 1944 when my father was at Hawarden and Poulton as an Instructor.
    Cheers Motherbird.

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    !08 Squadron was one of the six Vickers Wellington Squadrons that were part of 205 Group in the Middle East. The other Squadrons were 37, 40, 70, 104 and 148. I would say that your father is correct.

    Rob Jerram.

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