I'm trying to find the details of the George Medal awarded to Graham George Williams. I couldn't find it in the London Gazette online. He was commissioned with effect from 1st October 1942, the G.M. is clearly added after his name. His NCO service number was 949358, his officer number became 136044, as per the Supplement to the London Gazette, 19 January 1943.

He was promoted to Flying Officer with effect from 1st April 1943, supplement to the LG of 21 May 1943.

Unfortunately, he was killed in action during the night 16/17th April 1943, during the raid against Plzen. He was the only man from his crew to lose his life, aboard Halifax II HR663 DY-T from No. 102 Squadron. I have the details from Chorley's BCL.

Any pointers for the George Medal award(s) welcome.