I am engaged in research on behalf of my uncle Sgt Frank Mannion who was a fellow crew member of Flt Sergeant Beck's when he was awarded the DFM in 1944.

I recently read a request on the site which was posted by Flt Sergeant Beck's nephew namely Mr Peter McTague, asking for information on his uncle.
His thread was dated 4th Dec 2005 and brought a response from Alastair on 8th Dec 2005.
I have been in touch with Alastair but he didn't receive 'follow up' contact from Mr McTague so can't help me further.

I'm assuming that Mr McTague provided his email address when he accessed the site and I was hoping that the RAF Commands site might let me have Mr McTague's email address in order that I might progress my research on my uncle's behalf.

Any help in contacting Flt Sergeant Beck's or Mr McTague's family would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks to you all,
Jack Felstead