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Thread: Squadron Leader Raymond Wynne Price, 186496

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    Default Squadron Leader Raymond Wynne Price, 186496

    I am trying to trace information about my late father's cousin, Squadron Leader Raymond Wynne Price 186496.
    He was born in 1921, and became an officer in the RAFVR in 1944/45. He progressed to Squadron Leader in the RAF, and retired in 1974. I've got all of his career stages from the London Gazette.
    I don't know which branch of the RAF he served in. All I know is that he visited Burma during World War 2, and Malaya after the war. He received the Queens Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air twice.
    He retired to Wales (perhaps Pembrokeshire), and may have died in 2002.
    I would be very grateful for any help or advice in tracking down more information about him and, hopefully, his family.
    John Wynne

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    He was in the General Duties Branch on commission and was still GD on retirement (it has it before the entries relating to him in the LG, each Branch was entered seperately). That was the normal branch for the more frontline roles such as aircrew.
    Alan Clark

    Peak District Air Accident Research

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