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Thread: where were you posted on joining up?

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    Default where were you posted on joining up?

    I am trying to piece together my late fathers first few years in the RAVR
    From his service records.

    5/ 3/41 2 RC (recruitment centre)
    6/ 3/41 reserve
    28/ 8/41 RDU B’pool (reserve distribution unit? Blackpool)
    10(S) RB reason.. H (holding?)
    23/11/41 3 Sigs Sqd reason.. H
    26/ 2/42 Biggin Hill reason.. HH
    27/ 7/42 India

    He went on to receive a commission and eventually flew as a wireless operator with 35 squadron pff from RAF Graveley.

    It is the initial training period I am interested in, what is 10(S) RB and where was it?
    Was 2RC the recruitment centre at Cardington. He was born and lived in North London. I have found that Blackpool was basically taken over by the RAF as a training centre as it had a wealth of b&b accommodation for recruits - and hotels for officers!
    Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
    My thanks in advance

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    Hi Paul

    2 RC = No 2 Recruit Centre, Cardington

    10 (S) RD - 10 (Signals) Recruit Depot, Blackpool - U/T wireless ops attended initial training here before being posted to Signals School

    3 SS = No 3 Signals School, Compton Bassett


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