Can anyone tell me what route was used for this mission? I am investigating the crash of Halifax NP709 and there is some question about whether it still had bombs on board when it crashed and exploded in Haan, southwest of Wupertal.

The MREU investigation suggests the pilot F/O William Frank Anderson,RCAF, J/29202, was trying to crash land and circled the town a few times, dumping his bombs in safe mode first. Unfortunately, they suspect one was still in the bomb bay and went off when the plane came down, destroying 15 houses in the area. Six of the bodies were thrown from the a/c - the assumption was they were in their crash-landing positions - and a seventh was missing completely. The report concludes that it was Anderson, the pilot, who would have been strapped into the plane and burned completely along with the a/c.

There is a conflicting report that says at least one of the crew was found with his parachute deployed.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the likelihood of this scenario? A local man who is researching the crash, says the plane was on its way home not heading for the target. I suppose, as there was cloud cover that night, that they might have not done their drop and still had bombs which needed dumping.

I look forward to the experts' analysis of this one, as the German researcher is trying to find the seventh man, thinking he might have survived the crash somehow.