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Thread: Southend under Attack

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    Default Southend under Attack

    I have been doing a historical study of the EKCO factory in Rochford, Essex, and came across a 1941 Luftwaffe target map of the factory. As far as I know, no direct bombing attack was made, although I am told that the area was subjected to strafing now and then. The factory was manufacturing radar and radio components for the MOD, and had its own Home Guard, Fire-watch, Fire Brigade, etc.

    Does anyone have any details about any direct or indirect attacks made on Rochford or the Southend-on-Sea. I understand that German aircraft dropped mines into the sea off the Southend beach, and in the mouth of the Thames Estuary, and would often peel off while returning from a bomb-drop to strafe the Pier of High Street.
    Does anyone know if there are any German records (dates, times, aircraft, etc) available of attacks on the areas mentioned?

    Thanking you

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    As a long time resident very close to the ECKO factory (there were TWO (one on the threshold of RAF Rochford, where there is now a slip road off the A127 towards Westcliff and one near the junction of Eastern Avenue and Victoria Avenue) This last factory was the main one but both were close enough to RAF Rochford to be practically under its AA defences. The nearest bomb I believe was on the Southend High School for Boys site slightly South of the A127 Prince Avenue.
    Others may have more accurate information.

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