Some members will want to read this article about the loss of one of the heros of the `Great Escape`. He died recently at the age of 91.

Fred Carter


Published on Monday, Dec. 28, 2009 10:45PM EST

He played a cameo role in one of the greatest getaways in history, a prison break so filled with brains and bravado that it passed into legend and onto the big screen.

Few Canadians know his name, but Harold Garland was a war hero and participant in the brazen Second World War operation known as The Great Escape. One sandbag at a time, he helped tunnel Allied airmen out of a prisoner-of-war camp that the Nazis had declared escape-proof.

Mr. Garland died at age 91 in Ottawa last week. He was one of the last Canadian survivors of the event immortalized in the Hollywood film The Great Escape.

“Growing up, I used to tell kids he was the Steve McQueen character,” his daughter, Ann, said yesterday about the Hollywood actor who embodied the dashing Captain Virgil Hilts in the 1963 film. “He was my hero.”

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